Trying to edit music videos in Korea. Learning Korean and currently at film school. Can I make it happen?


leo dying at ravi’s speed quiz answer ~__~
(hongbin wanted you to say “gopchang” ravi…………)

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DJ Masa’s 2012 Hot K-Pop Mashup (x)

2NE1 - I Love You
Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending
SISTAR - Alone
C-Clown - SOLO
Dalmatian - E.R.
Teen Top - To You
Big Bang - Bad Boy
Ailee - Halo
CN BLUE - Hey You
After School - Flashback
JJ Project - Bounce
T-ara - Lovey Dovey
PSY - Gangnam Style
LEE HI - 1, 2, 3, 4
EXO-K - History
Ga-in - Bloom
NS Yoon Ji - Reason I Became a Witch
ZE:A - Aftermath
T-ara - Day by Day
Ailee - I Will Show You
XIA - Tarantallegra
BEAST - Beautiful Night
Hyunah - Ice Cream
EXID - I Feel Good
BoA - Only One
Big Bang - Monster
INFINITE - The Chaser
Led Apple - Time’s Up
B1A4 - Baby I’m Sorry
Brave Girls - Nowadays You
Dal Shabet - Hit U
Super Junior - Sexy, Free and Single
KARA - Pandora
U-KISS - Stop Girl
BtoB - Insane
SHINee - Sherlock - 2Hot
f(x) - Electric Shock
Big Bang - Fantastic Baby
Wonder Girls - Like This
B.A.P - Warrior
Orange Caramel - Lipstick
TVXQ - Humanoids
TaeTiSeo - Twinkle
G-Dragon - Crayon
BtoB - Wow
Hello Venus - Venus
Block B - Nalina
MissA - Touch
A Pink - Hush
VIXX - Rock Your Body
Epik High - Don’t Hate Me
D-UNIT - Luv Me
Block B - Nilili Mambo

Instrumental Samples (order of appearance):
2NE1 - I Love You
Gangkiz - MAMA
TVXQ - Catch Me
Shinhwa - Venus
Secret - Poison
4minute - Volume Up
PSY - Gangnam Style
Super Junior - SPY
Block B - Nilili Mambo


isnt it weird that iljin/bullying accusations can completely ruin a female idols career but a male idol can literally be on trial for beating his girlfriend and theyll just schedule the court dates around his world tour? wait, did i say weird? i meant completely unsurprising